Rolling Paper V2.6
This Rolling Paper V2.6 (WhitePaper) introduces our project, from the idea to our roadmaps, giving you a comprehensive overview of all the necessary information you might need. We hope that you will find this Rolling Paper useful and decide to embark on this journey with us. This Rolling Paper is the evolution of the fourth version following the Rolling Paper V2.5 modified with the change of initial Blockchain from Solana to Polygon and our staking concept. The Maximum Market Cap of the tokenomics won't ever be changed. The roadmap and game plan can evolve but the Tokenomics will remain the same to protect the first members of the project.

WeedoVerse Universe

A Weed Growing Play Chill Earn Game

WeedoVerse is a Play To Earn game inspired by Farmville that allows you to grow your Weed (Cannabis) in the form of NFTs and sell them to earn our Game Token the Weedough $WDV that can be staked, exchanged into real money (fiat) or used to extend your WeedoFarm.

A Metaverse Dedicated to the Cannabis

WeedoVerse creates its own Metaverse entirely dedicated to Cannabis. You will find shops : The WeedoShops of cannabis products, cbd, edible as smoking equipment, clothing and unique art objects. You will also find NFT Art Galleries, Shopping Malls, Bars, Restaurants, Lounges and clubs. In this Metaverse we will organize Virtual events such as concerts, Private Sales, themed evenings, casino evenings and much more.


WeedoVerse aims to create an ecosystem where cannabis passionates can have fun Play, Chill and Earn Money while learning new growing techniques from professional Cannabis Experts and share their experience in a sustainable farming NFT gaming ecosystem.
WeedoVerse's goal is also to create an accessible Play to Earn Game, a game where everybody (+18, 19, 21 y/o) could join and play easily without having the burden of creating accounts on the blockchain. The Web3 Ecosystem will be fully integrated and players will be able to join and play just with an e-mail or social network logging.
To be a modern P2E Game investing in an ecological system to minimize its impact on our environment is a major priority for us. Living in a game is fun, but living in real life is essential. In the future, we will have our own server warehouses that will be located close to a river and in a sunny region to implement Solar panels and water turbine to power our servers.
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