The WeedoVerse Project is being developed by GAME3 Studios ltd, Company registered in Hong Kong and equally shared among the WeedoVerse 4 Co-Founders.
GAME3 Studio Team also has a team of 15 community manager, 5 Game/ Metaverse Developers and 2 blockchain expert

Aiden Alexandra

Co-Founder | CEO
Aiden is already at the lead of 3 projects, all related to the game today. He is the creator behind this Project and the team leader to develop it. He will work on the concepts of the game as well as creating the environment of our metaverse

Cedric Alexandra

Co-Founder | CTO
Cedric is the father of Aiden and it was natural for him to put his 15 years of web expertise and 10 years in event management to the development of WeedoVerse. Cedric surpervises the website, strategies and the use of blockchain tools.

Damiano Raveenthiran

Co-Founder | CMO
Damiano is the CEO of Startup Slang with two offices located in Canada and one that just opened in Paris. With his team of Web3 and marketing experts, he will supervise all the necessary blockchain protocols to set up our metaverse and P2E game as well as drive the marketing team to promote the project.

Andrew Tadeo

Co-Founder | Artist Director
Andrew is Aiden’s Mentor and a professional photographer, 2D & 3D artist and possesses good knowledge in NFT Creations. He is the Designer of the WeedoPeeps and most of the NFTs of the games.