Smoke to play Mini-Games

The primary function of the Buds in WeedoFarm is that it grants players the amazing ability to explore and play a diverse series of Blockchain Mini-Games! With fancy rewards and special NFTs to take at the podium, these Mini-Games will be an amazing time killer when the plants are growing.

Choose your favorite blockchain game

WeedoFarm will have dozens of internal minigames, with a Play to Own mechanism, which means there are always awesome NFTs that will be rewarded to the players of the Mini-Games. These NFTs will come in very handy on WeedoFarm!
These games will all be cannabis-oriented and will be quite diverse, some examples are:

"Bud Blast"

Swipe to match the buds! Simple Candy-Crush-like game mechanics, with joints and lighters that clear columns and rows, all created in the WeedoStyle with NFTs on the line!

"Delivery Dash"

Escape from the police trooper chasing you on the highway! avoid traffic and obstacles speeding through a large variety of landscapes. This endless runner game will have similar mechanics compared to the famous temple run and subway surfer mobile games.

"Ganja Guardians"

WeedoFarm is infected with monstrous human-size mutant pesticides and viruses, that are coming after your precious Pot Farm! Take your plants' survival into your hands in this tower defense game, be strategic when setup your farm to survive the attack of these humourous monsters in this Mini-Game.
these are just a few Mini-Games that will be playable when players high off their Bud in WeedoFarm. New Mini-Games will constantly be released so that every gamer feels at home and won't spend a second feeling bored!

Limited edition NFTs

Limited edition NFTs with special functions in WeedoFarm will be given out through these WeedoFarm Mini-Games as well, but players will need to stay sharp and move fast because there aren't a lot and these NFTs don't last forever!