Powered by BudBrain Cannabis AI
One major issue about metaverses today is that they feel empty, more often than not, users have found themselves alone.
Therefore, We have decided to integrate NPCs with actual thinking abilities in WeedoVerse, which can hold a true conversation with any user, and answer any question with high accuracy.

Got a question? Ask the NPCs

Apart from real-life users, WeedoVerse is filled with NPCs that are powered by BudBrain's AI technology, which means these NPCs know everything about WeedoVerse and Cannabis. They are capable of having human-like conversations with users on any topic! Users will be able to seek advice from the NPCs, may it be about WeedoVerse, a task in the WeedoFarm game, cannabis tips, etc...
Users will even be able to have complete conversations with any NPC. They will be able to learn their name, where they are from as well as their unique backstory. every one of them will be unique.
Users will be able to generate 10 000 accumulative words/day with the AI NPCs for FREE. You will have to be equipped with a WeedoWatch to speak as much as you want with a WeedoVerse NPC.

Constantly updating data

The NPCs are continually updated with the newest information and events in WeedoVerse, for example, a user can approach David the NPC walking in the street, and ask: "Hey, David, which party should I go to tonight?" David will instantly tell you which parties are planned for the evening all over WeedoVerse. Or you can ask Sophie the NPC who is walking her dog: "Sorry to interrupt, what is the price of the High-Dol token as well as its staking benefits?" Sophie will be kind enough to go through all the detail you would like to know about the High-Dol token at the current date.

Follow up questioning

Be able to follow up on an answer he gave you, for example, "I prefer beach parties, show me all the beach parties with over 70 people only" and he will do so! The ChatBot mechanism is capable of remembering the whole conversation.


Quests will be assigned regularly to certain NPCs, these NPCs' sole goal is to distribute missions to users. These missions are to be accomplished by the users of WeedoVerse in exchange for various rewards, these can be High-Dol tokens as well as rare NFTs in WeedoVerse. These Quests can be diversified into so many different fun missions, there can be quests where users will have to find a specific item in the designated area to win, and in some other quests, users will have to chase a truck loaded with weed to bring back the jackpot. or speed around and deliver the packages to different destinations to keep the amazing sports car NFT that the friendly NPC has lent, etc... The Quests will be very different from one another, but they all have 2 similarities... They are always fun and there are always rewards at the end of the line!


The WeedoWatch is a hologram-projecting smartwatch in WeedoVerse that users can equip for huge AI benefits.
The WeedoWatch also works as an AI assistant directly, similar to J.A.R.V.I.S from Ironman, it is an AI that knows every element of WeedoVerse able to answer whatever question a user has to ask, about whichever task a user has to complete, any-time, any-where.
With the WeedoWatch, there isn't a limit of 10,000 words/day for the NPCs
The WeedoWatch functions with Crystals as the battery, the Crystal's energy drains with every word generated.When your WeedoWatch's battery dries out, you will have to charge it by purchasing new crystals, each crystal represents 10 000 words generated from the AI NPCs or your smartwatch combined.
For regular users of WeedoVerse and WeedoFarm, it is possible to order a monthly crystal recharge that will be a subscription at a more preferable price.
The Crystals essentially act as a subscription plan for BudBrain functionalities.

WeedoWatch = WeedoFarm AI assistant

This WeedoWatch is also capable of helping WeedoFarm P2E Game Players strategize and maximize their production, so they can efficiently increase their income and reach their farm's full potential.