WeedoVerse is a Metaverse that doesn't sleep, with endless nightclubs, parties, concerts, art galleries, Museums, smoke sessions, cannabis competitions, and even Weddings!
Anything in your imagination can be done in WeedoVerse, Artists will be able to work with our teams to create their custom venues to host their events.


Since WeedoVerse is a spectacular metaverse based on stunning real-life sceneries and landscapes, let's be bold and unique, instead of a Zoom conference, let's opt for a VR conference at some magical place like the shoreline cliffs of Malta, or in the temple ruins of Crete.
Perfect for different types of innovative companies holding their internal staff events, conferences, and seminars to artists having huge concerts or art galleries.

Parallel Reality

Artists and Organizers that host real-life events can work hand in hand with our team to create a virtual venue in WeedoVerse for their events, our team takes care of creating AVAs (Animated Virtual Avatars) of the Performers, creating the real-world venue identically in WeedoVerse, as well as set up cameras and scanners for the live event to be transcripted to our MetaVerse in real-time...
AR possibilities are being explored for real-life events. We are here to blur the borders of Reality.

Time Machine

Visit the Peak of the Mount Etna volcano in Sicily at full eruption, explore the valley of temples in Sicily as it was 2500 years ago in its full golden period, and go on a jet ski or speed boat to explore the magical Piana Calanques in Corsica.
The possibilities aren't restrained here, and the beautiful part of this metaverse technology is that we can identically create these real-life environments at whichever historical era we can imagine and whatever scenario we desire, adding a unique twist while keeping the link to reality.