WeedoFarms are the beating heart of the game, a second home to every player. Everyone will be able to shape their Weedofarm as they see fit, using the strategy they deem most appropriate and directing production towards the most profitable goods.
Each player will become the owner of their farm, which they will have to manage and expand. The Weed produced on the farm can be smoked for boosters or sold for $WDV, which can be spent in the game's internal market and traded on the Polygon Blockchain.


The Player has to install and upgrade buildings on his WeedoFarm to progress with the tasks and claim its rewards. here are the different buildings found in WeedoFarm.
storage for items, upgrade it to store more items at once
drying room
dry the cannabis when it is harvested
grinding mill
grind wheat to create flour, and cocoa to make cocoa powder
craft all types of edibles
install growing tents and grow indoors
generate electricity for the warehouse
extraction lab
extract THC from Cannabis to create concentrates
solar panel unit
generate electricity for your warehouse and greenhouse
generate electricity for your warehouse and greenhouse
breeding center
breed different weed strains in your WeedoFarm