The Map

WeedoVerse is scanned and created in unity based on the real-life islands we have integrated below
WeedoVerse is composed of a mix of multiple magical real-life islands that we all love, keeping their geographical characteristics like the landscape, altitude, and roads only, then our team combined with the community shall rebuild everything from scratch.

One of the most entertaining Metaverses

WeedoVerse shall hold different games and events on this map in specific locations utilizing this advantage, for example, a huge reggae concert in Kingston, Jamaica with talented artists from all over the world, or Rally Racing following all the same roads that the world-class rally drivers race where the players will have to race their NFT rally cars to earn High-Dol! Golf games where players annihilate their opponents and take the grand prize of the tournament or even zombie games where players have to defend their stash so that the cannabis-eating zombies don't devour them all!
WeedoVerse will be packed with awesome event venues, stadiums, museums, national parks, natural reserves, tourist attractions, etc that will be all unique to each island.
Another attraction for users would be the Virtual Tours in VR of the actual real-life locations on the island! visit Mount Etna volcano in Sicily or the temples in Crete. This offers a one-of-a-kind mix of Virtual and reality, all in WeedoVerse itself.

Why did we choose to integrate Islands?

We think maps full of bland squares are super boring. In WeedoVerse there are different landscapes everywhere, and each land will be different with diverse views and characteristics.

Be water, my friend

A unique factor of WeedoVerse is there is an ocean! Allowing users to own NFT yachts, speed boats, jet skis, cruise ships, etc...
Users can organize watersports contests, beach parties, fishing trips, etc... doesn't all that sounds like loads of fun?

Diversity, 11 Metaverses in 1

We also do it for the diversity, the housing and architecture in Mallorca won’t be the same as the ones in Corsica, making every property on each island in WeedoVerse unique as well as allowing us to develop all sorts of NFTs.

Important message

After all, we also chose these islands to pass a message, a message that gains significance as time flows by.
Since WeedoVerse is scanned and scaled off of real-life islands. In 10, 15, maybe 20 years, these islands won’t look the same in real life anymore with the sea levels that are rising along the constant change in our climate.
Minimizing our environmental impact while we continue our adventure is something WeedoVerse focuses on.
These islands are captured in the present moment, engraved in our Metaverse, it won’t ever be the same again and they are now yours to own.
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