Rolling Paper V3.0
This Rolling Paper V3.0 (WhitePaper) introduces our project, from the idea to our roadmaps, giving you a comprehensive overview of all the necessary information. We hope you will find this Rolling Paper useful and decide to embark on this journey with us. This Rolling Paper is the evolution of the fifth version following the Rolling Paper V2.6 modified with refined tokenomics as well as AI technologies and concepts integrated into the project. The Maximum Market Cap of the tokenomics won't ever be changed. The roadmap and game plan can evolve but the Tokenomics will remain the same to protect the first members of the project.

What is WeedoVerse?

WeedoVerse is a Cannabis Oriented DAO project dedicated to creating entertaining video games connected to the Polygon Blockchain and regrouping them all in a Metaverse driven by AI NPCs, based on real-life geographical locations, where you can shop real products with the money you earn from the games.

The WeedoFarm Play 2 Earn Game

WeedoFarm is a Play To Earn game inspired by Farmville that allows players to grow their Weed (Cannabis) in the form of NFTs and sell them to earn our Game Token: Weedough $WDV can be exchanged into real money (fiat) or used to extend their WeedoFarm. The game will have all sorts of craftable and growable products, allowing players to compose various edibles from space cakes to popcorn, or create highly potent cannabis extracts in the lab and sell them for greater value. follow the storyline and expand their cannabis empire while earning real money doing so. Mini-Games are a crucial part of WeedoFarm, Players need to smoke their NFT Weed to be able to access dozens of fun and intuitive Play-to-Own Mini-Games. Allowing them to win different unique NFTs that will come in handy for their WeedoFarm and make extra income while they play!

Cannabis Metaverse made with real-life Islands

WeedoVerse is a Metaverse created based on real-life islands like Sicily, Corsica, and Jamaica next to many more, it is a space where everyone from gamers to cannabis passionates meet, interact, and have fun!
Individuals will have the ability to develop their land and make their value increase by building houses, villas, gardens, and pools... you name it.
Professionals from the cannabis to the clothing industry can now leap into the Web3 era. Integrate their unique virtual store and attract even more buyers through this new innovative way for consumers to experience their product.
Users can spend the tokens they earn in WeedoFarm or other P2E games in the WeedoVerse Ecosystem and go shopping! They will be able to find anything that they could in a real shopping mall, from clothes to food to jewelry, without forgetting real-life cannabis products, CBD, edibles, smoking accessories, clothing, toys, electronics, and unique art objects, being shipped to their doorstep in no time. In WeedoVerse, Users will also find NFT art galleries, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, lounges, clubs, amusement parks, mini-quests, beaches, yachts, games, and many more...
Moreover, We will organize Virtual events such as concerts, Private Sales, themed parties, casino evenings, etc...

Diverse P2E Game Ecosystem

A huge problem in Metaverses today is that there is nothing to do. once you go around the main attractions there isn't much left. This is why WeedoVerse is becoming the Steam of blockchain gaming, it will be connected with multiple internal blockchain games that take place in WeedoVerse as well as other blockchain games created by other teams. Imagine being able to speed through Kingston, the capital of jamaica in WeedoVerse, in a giant P2E race with your powerful NFT sportscar where the first across the line takes the jackpot home. Or battle next to your friends as Outlaw Pirates aiming to loot the most gold, sink the meanest ships, and gain the biggest territory over the WeedoVerse Ocean. The Community will be able to vote for the different upcoming new game concepts at the WeedoGames Event, anyone can propose their concept to be integrated into WeedoVerse as long as the whole community agrees!

Artificial Intelligence

Another existing issue that makes the metaverses less appealing to the public is that often no one is there. Where's the interaction?
In WeedoVerse, apart from real-life users interacting on the platform, we will integrate artificial intelligence NPCs that live their everyday life in WeedoVerse! they all have jobs, houses, hobbies, and even families unique to them. Users will be able to interact with these NPCs freely and even have relations with these NPCs. They will remember the user's conversation for a certain amount of time and react based on their previous chats.


WeedoVerse aims to create an ecosystem where cannabis passionates can have fun Play, Chill, and Earn Money while being entertained in a sustainable NFT gaming ecosystem.
WeedoVerse's goal is to create a new standard of Play to Earn Games, a game where everybody (+18, 19, 21 y/o) could join and play easily without having the burden of creating accounts on the blockchain, the user only needs an email to start earning money from a whole depository of next-gen blockchain games utilizing the technology of tomorrow.
Being a modern Web3 Community Project investing in an ecological system to minimize its impact on our environment is a major priority for us. Living in a game is fun, but living in real life is essential. In the future, we will have our server warehouses that will be located close to a river and in a sunny region to implement Solar panels and water turbines to power our servers.
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